How to Build a Music Streaming Website Without Coding


Making your own Music Streaming website is quite hard, especially when you don’t have any coding knowledge or programming skills. With that keep in mind, we did some research and made this tutorial about How to Build a Music Streaming website without coding. So you can make a perfect fully-featured music streaming website in few minutes.

How to Build a Music Streaming website without coding

To make this website possible, we are using BeMusic PHP Script, which is multi-purpose music streaming and sharing PHP script. Its heavily inspired by music-related sites, including SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Spotify, and more. Also, it has automated mode, which allows you to automatically import and update artists, tracks, albums, and other information from 3rd party sites including, stream music and video using youtube API.

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Server Requirements Files included 
PHP 7.2.5+ PHP
PDO Extension CSS
php_fileinfo Extension JavaScript JS & JSON
MySQL Database HTML


Download the latest version of BeMusic Script from here.

Upload BeMusic script to Server

1. Login to your cPanel and click on the File Manager.

2. Now go to the public_html folder and upload the (Note: If you are using more than one domain, then select the public_html/domain name folder where you want to install the script.)

3. After uploading, extract the

Create a new Database and User

1. Go to cPanel and click on the MySQL Database Wizard.

2. Now create a New Database.

3. Now create a New User Database.

4. Click on All Privileges and Save. Now you have successfully created a Database and User.

Installation Wizard

1. Open your Site URL and follow the Installation Wizard.

tcf bemusic installation 1

2. After clicking on CONTINUE, you will proceed to the Requirements Tab and make sure you have all the server requirements.

tcf bemusic installation 2

3. Then click on CONTINUE, and you will proceed to the Filesystem tab. Make sure all the files are in the correct path.

tcf bemusic installation 3

4. Now click on CONTINUE, and you will proceed to the Database tab. Now fill all the database details you created before.

tcf bemusic installation 4

5. Now create an Admin Account and click on CONTINUE.

tcf bemusic installation 5

6. Now click on INSTALL to start the Installation Process.

tcf bemusic installation 6

7. Now you will see “Installation has been successfully completed” message. Then click on the Admin URL and log in with your Admin Account to access the Administration Area.

tcf bemusic installation 7

Admin Area

BeMusic comes with a powerful Admin Panel where you can manage all site features as per your requirements.


BeMusic Analytics comes with Google Analytics integration right into the admin area, which allows you to view all your site performance and data without opening another webpage.

tcf bemusic analytics


Go to Admin Area » Appearance Editor, to manage your site appearance.

tcf bemusic appearance

Landing Page

Go to Appearance » Landing Page to customize the header title & header image, Action Buttons, Primary & Secondary features, and more.

tcf bemusic landing page


Navigate to Appearance » General, where you can do general customization like changing Logo, Favicon, Site Name & Site Description.

tcf bemusic general


To customize Theme Options, navigate to Appearance » Themes.

tcf bemusic themes


To customize and add new menus, navigate to Appearance » Menus.

tcf bemusic menus

Custom Code

Go to Appearance » Custom Code, where you can add custom CSS, HTML & JavaScript.

tcf bemusic custom code

Seo Settings

Go to Appearance » Seo Settings, where you can customize Seo Setting like Title, Description, Keywords and more.

tcf bemusic seo settings


To configure general site settings, navigate to Admin Area » Settings » General.

tcf bemusic settings general


Navigate to Settings » Providers, where you can select & configure providers and generate a sitemap.

tcf bemusic providers


Navigate to Settings » Player, where you can select streaming method and configure player defaults and interface.

tcf bemusic player


To configure site interface looks and behaviour, Go to Settings » Interface.

tcf bemusic interface


To Setup Billing and Invoices, navigate to Settings » Billing.

tcf bemusic billing


For configuring Timezone & Site Language, navigate to Settings » Localization.

tcf bemusic localization


Navigate to Settings » Authentication, where you can configure registration, social login, and 3rd party integrations.

tcf bemusic authentication


Navigate to Settings » Uploading, to configure files size and type.

tcf bemusic uploading


Navigate to Settings » Mail, where you can manage incoming & outgoing email handlers, email credentials, and more.

tcf bemusic mail


To configure cache time, method, and 3rd party integrations, navigate to Settings » Cache.

tcf bemusic cache


To configure google analytics integrations and credentials, navigate to Settings » Analytics.

tcf bemusic settings analytics


To Setup Sentry integration, navigate to Settings » Logging.

tcf bemusic logging


Navigate to Settings » Queue, where you can manage the Active queue method and 3rd party API keys.

tcf bemusic queue


Navigate to Settings » Recaptcha, to configure Google Recaptcha integration.

tcf bemusic recaptcha


To configure EU General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] settings, navigate to Settings » GDPR.

tcf bemusic gdpr


Navigate to Admin Area » Plans, where you can Manage or Add New Plans.

tcf bemusic plans


To manage or create new subscriptions for users, navigate to Admin Area » Subscriptions.

tcf bemusic subscriptions


Navigate to Admin Area » Upload, where you can upload your Tracks, Videos & Albums.

tcf bemusic upload


To Manage or Add New Channels, navigate to Admin Area » Channels.

tcf bemusic channels


To Manage or Add New Artists, navigate to Admin Area » Artists.

tcf bemusic artists


Navigate to Admin Area » Albums, to upload or create new Albums.

tcf bemusic albums


To upload or create new Tracks, navigate to Admin Area » Tracks.

tcf bemusic tracks


Navigate to Admin Area » Genres, where you can manage or add new Genre.

tcf bemusic genres


To manage or add new Lyrics, navigate to Admin Area » Lyrics.

tcf bemusic lyrics


Navigate to Admin Area » Playlists, to manage or create new Playlists.

tcf bemusic playlists


Navigate to Admin Area » Users, where you can manage all your Users.

tcf bemusic users


Navigate to Admin Area » Roles, where you can create and manage roles for users.

tcf bemusic roles


Navigate to Admin Area » Pages, where you can manage or add new pages.

tcf bemusic pages


Go to Admin Area » Tags to create and manage tags.

tcf bemusic tags


Navigate to Admin Area » Files, where you can manage all your site files.

tcf bemusic files


To create new languages & translations, navigate to Admin Area » Translations.

tcf bemusic translations


For managing Ads, navigate to Admin Area » Ads.

tcf bemusic ads

Now your Music Streaming Website is ready to launch. Also, if you want to create a website like YouTube, you can check our post about How to make a website like YouTube.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by commenting below.