How to Create LMS Website in a few Minutes


If you are looking to make your own online eLearning LMS platform, then you are at the right place, in this tutorial we are going to show you How to Create LMS Website in a few minutes without any coding.

How to Create LMS Website in few Minutes

To make this possible, we are using Teachify LMS PHP Script which is one of the most Powerful Learning Management System, if you want to create an eLearning Platform like Udemy or Lynda, then Teachify LMS will be a smart choice for you. With this script, you can create an advanced, scalable, and robust eLearning website within few minutes.

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Server Requirements Files included 
PHP 7.1.3+ PHP
OpenSSL & PDO PHP Extension CSS
JSON & Fileinfo PHP Extension JavaScript JS & JSON
Mbstring & Tokenizer PHP Extension HTML & XML
XML & Ctype PHP Extension SQL


Download the latest version of Teachify LMS PHP Script.

1. Upload Teachify LMS Script to your server and unzip the Teachify LMS package file.

2. Now open your browser and enter your Site URL and follow the Installation Wizard.

3. Please make sure that all checklist showing you Ok sign in a circle with green color if you see any cross in a red circle, contact your hosting provider, and fix those issues soon. Now Click on Continue Installation.

tcf lms installation-wizard-1

4. After clicking on Continue Installation, you will proceed to the Database tab. Now fill all the database details and click on Install.

Important Note! You don’t need to create a separate MySQL database. Teachify LMS is smart enough, and it will create a database by your given name, and please provide a unique database name. If Teachify LMS found database name matched with any existing name, then all previous database data will be erased, and teachify LMS creates its own table within that database.

tcf lms installation-wizard-2

3. If everything is fine and your server meets all requirements. The installations should complete within a few seconds. After a successful installation, you will see the “Installations Done” message, Now click on the Login button and log in with Admin Account to access the Admin Panel.

tcf lms installation-done

Important Note! The temporary Admin Login Credential Are:
Password: 123456
Don’t forget to change admin email and password later.

Admin Area

Teachify offers a powerful Admin Panel where you can manage all site features as per your requirements.

Admin Home

In the Admin Home Dashboard, you can check all your website stats like User, Instructors, Students, Lecture, Quiz, Payment Total, and more.

tcf lms Admin Home


Navigate to Admin Panel » CMS » Posts to manage or create a new post.

tcf lms post


Navigate to CMS » Pages to manage or create a new page.

tcf lms pages

Media Manager

Navigate to Admin Panel » Media Manager, where you can manage all your website media files.

tcf lsm Media Manager


Navigate to Admin Panel » Categories to manage or add new categories.

tcf lms Categories


Navigate to Admin Panel » Courses, where you can manage all your courses.

tcf lms Courses


Navigate to Admin Panel » Plugins to manage or add new plugins.

tcf lms plugins


Navigate to Admin Panel » Themes to manage or add new themes.

tcf lms Themes

General Settings

To configure general site settings, navigate to Admin Panel » Settings » General Settings.

tcf lms General Settings

LMS Settings

Navigate to Settings » LMS Settings, to configure all your LMS settings.

tcf LMS Settings

Payment Settings

Navigate to Settings » Payment Settings, to configure payment settings.

tcf lms Payment Settings

Payment Gateways

To configure payment gateways, Go to Settings » Payment Gateways.

tcf lms Payment Gateways


Navigate to Settings » Withdraw, to configure payment withdraw options like Bank Transfer, Paypal, and more.

tcf lms Withdraw Settings

Theme Settings

Navigate to Settings » Theme Settings, to configure theme & cookie Settings.

tcf lms Theme Settings

Social Login Settings

Navigate to Settings » Social Login Settings, where you can configure social login, and 3rd party integrations.

tcf lms Social Login Settings


Navigate to Settings » Storage, to setup default storage.

tcf lms Storage


Navigate to Admin Panel » Payments, where you can manage all your payments.

tcf lms Payments


To manage withdrawal requests, navigate to Admin Panel » Withdraw.

tcf lms Withdraw


Navigate to Admin Panel » Users, where you can manage all your site users.

tcf lms users

Live Class Settings

To setup zoom live class integration, navigate to Admin Panel » Live Class Settings.

tcf lms Live Class Settings

Certificate Settings

To configure certificate settings, navigate to Admin Panel » Certificate Settings.

tcf lms Certificate Settings

Now your Learning Management System (LMS) is ready to launch, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by commenting below.