How to Create SEO Tools Website [Step by Step Guide]


In this tutorial, we are going to show you a step by step guide about How to Create SEO Tools Website in a few minutes without any coding knowledge or skills. To create this website, we are going to use AtoZ SEO Tools – Search Engine Optimization Tools PHP Script, which is one of the most complete and advanced PHP Script available right now. But, if you want more SEO Tools PHP Script options, then you can check our post about Top 5 Ready to Use SEO PHP Scripts.

How to Create SEO Tools Website [Step by Step Guide]

A to Z SEO Tools is one of the most advanced Search Engine Optimization Tools PHP Script. They offer 50+ SEO Tools that allows you to keep track of your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in Search Engine Results Pages [SERP]. This script also helps you to optimize web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links, and other important SEO considerations.


Compatible With Files included 
PHP 5.4.0 + Javascript JS
PDO & MySQLI extension CSS Files
GD extension & URL Rewrite module HTML
Multibyte String support (mbstring) PHP Files
“allow_url_fopen” & WHOIS Port – TCP 43 must be allowed


Download the latest version of AtoZ SEO Tools Script from here.

Upload AtoZ SEO Tools script to Server

1. Upload the files present on the “Upload” directory to your website using FTP or file manager in your hosting control panel.

2. Now create a MySQL database in your hosting account.

3. After uploading script files and creating MySQL database, visit your website URL in your browser. Then you will be automatically redirected to the installation panel.

4. On the Installation panel, check all the Setup Requirements, and Permissions are fulfilled by your hosting. Now click on Continue and proceed to the next step.

How to Create SEO Tools Website [Step by Step Guide]

5. Now you will proceed to the Database Connection Page, fill all the requirements, including MySQL database, which you have created before and click on the Submit button.

How to Create SEO Tools Website [Step by Step Guide]

6. Now you will proceed to the Admin Details Page, where you can create your admin account. After creating the admin account, click on the Submit button.

How to Create SEO Tools Website [Step by Step Guide]

7. After clicking on the Submit button, the installation process will start, and it will take a few minutes to complete the installation process.

How to Create SEO Tools Website [Step by Step Guide]

8. After completion of the installation process, you will see the “installation complete!” message on your installer panel. Now click on Admin Panel to access the Admin Panel where you can manage all the website features.

Admin Panel

In the Admin Panel, you can manage all AtoZ SEO Tools features and configure the website as per your requirements.


In Dashboard, you can see all your website stats including, Pageviews History, Server Information, Admin Login History, Script Update, and more.

tcf seo tools dashboard

Manage Site
Basic Settings

Navigate to Admin Panel » Manage Site » Basic Settings, where you can configure all your basic website settings like Site Name, Title Tag, Meta Description, Social Media Links, Google Analytics, and more.

tcf seo tools basic settings


If you want to enable Maintenance Mode, then navigate to Manage Site » Maintenance.

tcf seo tools maintenance settings

Captcha Protection

Navigate to Manage Site » Captcha Protection, to configure the captcha settings.

tcf seo tools captcha protection

Ban IP Address

Navigate to Manage Site » Ban IP Address, to ban specific users via IP address.

tcf seo tools ban ip address

DDoS Protection

To enable application-level DDoS protection, navigate to Manage Site » DDoS Protection.

tcf seo tools DDoS Protection

Adblock Detection

To enable ad-blocker detection and protection system, Navigate to Manage Site » Adblock Detection.

tcf seo tools adblock detection


In Analytics, you can see all your website Overview, Visitors Log, Who’s Online, Overall Report, and more. To access Analytics, navigate to Admin Panel » Analytics.

 tcf seo tools analytics

SEO Tools
Manage Tools

Navigate to Admin Panel » SEO Tools » Manage Tools, where you can manage all your website SEO Tools.

tcf seo tools manage seo tools

Additional Options

To manage Additional SEO Tools Options like Plagiarism & Mozrank Checker, navigate to SEO Tools » Additional Options.

tcf seo tools additional options


For configuring website Advertisements, navigate to Admin Panel » Advertisements.

tcf seo tools advertisements

Email Setup
Send Email

Navigate to Admin Panel » Email Setup » Send Email for sending Emails to your Customers.

tcf seo tools send email

Email Templates

To manage Email Templates like Account Activation & Password Reset, go to Email Setup » Email Templates.

tcf seo tools email templates

Mail Settings

To configure Mail Settings, navigate to Email Setup » Mail Settings.

tcf seo tools mail settings


To manage your Administrators Accounts, navigate to Admin Panel » Administrators.

tcf seo tools administrators

Add user

For manually adding new users, navigate to Admin Panel » Users » Add User.

tcf seo tools users

Manage Users

Navigate to Users » Manage Users, to manage your existing users.

tcf seo tools manage users


To manage Users Settings and Setup Google, Facebook, and Twitter Oauth authentication support navigate to Users » Settings.

tcf seo tools users settings

Create a Page

Go to Admin Panel » Pages » Create a Page, where you can create new pages for your website.

tcf seo tools create pages

Create a Link

Navigate to Pages » Create a Link, to create an Internal or External Link.

tcf seo tools create links

Manage Pages

For managing all created pages, Navigate to Pages » Manage Pages.

tcf seo tools manage pages

Create New Language

To create a new language, go to Admin Panel » Interface » Create New Language.

tcf seo tools interface create new language

Language Editor

To edit all the available languages, go to Interface » Language Editor.

tcf seo tools language editor

Manage Themes

Navigate to Interface » Manage Themes, where you can manage all your website themes.

tcf seo tools manage themes

Interface Settings

Go to Interface » Interface Settings for managing the website’s default language and template.

tcf seo tools manage interface


To create and manage a sitemap, navigate to Admin Panel » Sitemap.

tcf seo tools sitemap


To manage all Miscellaneous Tasks like Clean up all temporary directories, cached screenshots, recent history data, analytics data, and more. Navigate to Admin Panel » Miscellaneous.

tcf seo tools miscellaneous

Install Addons

To install new addons, navigate to Admin Panel » Addons » Install Addons.

tcf seo tools install addons

Shop Addons

If you want to buy new AtoZ SEO Tools Addons, navigate to Addons » Shop Addons.

tcf seo tools shop addons

Cron Job

Go to Admin Panel » Cron Job, to check your cron job.

tcf seo tools cron job

Error Log Viewer & PHP Information

To check your Error Logs and PHP Information, Go to Admin Panel » Error Log Viewer and Admin Panel » PHP Information.

tcf seo tools error logs and php info

Database Backup

To create and manage website’s database backups, navigate to Admin Panel » Database Backup.

tcf seo tools database backups

Follow this step by step guide, and you’re ready to launch your own premium looking SEO Tools Website in a few minutes without any coding knowledge or skills. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by commenting below.